Published on 29/05/2012

17% of green house gases globally owe their origin to deforestation, more than the contribution from the transport and aviation sectors. Reducing deforestation is therefore the highest mitigation option for reducing green house gases. Reducing emissions from deforestation and Forest degradation (REDD) a global effort to create an incentive for developing countries to protect and manage their forests. It includes incentives for positive action related to  conservation, sustainable management of forest and enhancement of Forest Carbon Stocks.

India expects to benefit financially from the global REDD+ mechanism and expect compensation for conserving and expanding its forest and tree cover. The incentive can be passed to the local communities involved in protection and management of our forests. It is estimated that the program could provide capture of more than 1 billion Tons of additional CO2 over the next three decades and provide more than 3 billion U.S. dollars as incentive.

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