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About The School

The Wealthy Waste School, India is an initiative of www.wealthywaste.com, a widely consulted and cited website covering issues related to sustainable environmental management, waste recycle and reuse and robust environmental governance.

Founded by Dr. Yashpal Singh also the current Chairman, with more than 40 years of experience in environmental management and training the School has been set up with the objective of developing management skills in environmental governance through training.


  • Director, Environment to the Government of U.P.
  • Member Uttar Pradesh Pollution Control Board,
  • Secretary, SEAC, GOI
  • State Nodal Officer Climate Change Program in U.P.
  • Chairman Technical Advisory Cell, U.P.P.C.B.
  • Member, Cess Appellate Authority, U.P.
  • Member, State Ganga River Basin Committee U.P.
  • Chairman Research Advisory Committee, U.P.
  • Consultant, India Canada Environment Facility
  • Co- convener, Environment, Health and Safety, C.I.I. Core Group

The School aims at assisting Corporates to strengthen their people, their most valued assets, with appropriate tools to manage the complex environmental management requirements, to sensitise them to the criticality of ensuring compliance and the benefits that would accrue to the Company in ensuring environmental compliance and generating wealth out of waste for the company.

Recognising that sustainable environmental management is a team effort requiring coordinated cooperation of all departments in any organization, the course is structured to suitably enable the Senior Executives from the Policy Formulation, General Management, Safety Health and Environmental Management, Production Management, Procurement Management, Legal Compliances and the Company Secretariat division of participating units.

The Expert Faculty comprises of very Senior practicing experts in Environmental Management and Pollution Control and includes former Member Secretary’s of Pollution Control Boards, Directors and Advisors of MoEF & CC, Former Director The National Environmental Engineering Research Institute, Nagpur, Senior Executives from the CGWA, Senior Executives from the Industry, Former Senior Forest Service Officers and Senior Scientists who have contributed greatly to the management of the environment. Apart from class room sessions it provides a unique opportunity for participants to interact on a one to one basis with the expert faculty who have held very senior positions in the Government, Pollution Control Boards, Industry and Scientific Organisations.

The programme duration is generally structured to extend over three days and three nights in idyllic surroundings close to nature. Apart from classroom training the schedule includes a half day excursion to a pristine and salubrious environment and evenings full of relaxation and entertainment within the venue. Should the participants choose to be accompanied by their spouses, the organizers are pleased to host them at no extra cost.

The School conducts regular inception and refresher course for corporate and other agencies on a long term basis. While the inception courses are scheduled to run for three days, the refresher course are planned to be of one day duration. The course contents are generally carved over the following subjects and are tailored to meet the requirements of the Participating Group.

  • Bringing Attitudinal Change.
  • Sources of Pollution and Environmental Impacts.
  • Environmental legislation, Water Act, Air Act, Environment Protection Act.
  • The National Green Tribunal, Public Interest Litigation. Polluters Pays principle, Case Laws.
  • Factories Act, Boiler Act, Explosives Act and Public Liability Insurance Act.
  • The Environment Protection Rules including EIA notification, Hazardous Waste Management.
  • Energy Audit and Energy Conservation.
  • Environmental Audit and Environmental Conservation. Procedures for carrying out Environmental performance evaluations.
  • The Company’s Act and Corporate Social Responsibility. Drafting a sustainability report.
  • Forest Clearances and Eco-sensitive Zones, Biodiversity conservation.
  • Sustainable Mining and preparation of ecological plan.
  • Safety and Health. Drafting risk assessment reports.
  • Laboratory Management and techniques.
  • Land Acquisition Act.
  • Ground Water Abstraction and Water conservation.
  • Climate Change Management.

For further details, contact:

Chairman, The Wealthy Waste School India, 2//364, Vishal Khand-2, Gomti Nagar, Lucknow-226010 (UP), Mobile: 9415084017, Website: www.wealthywaste.com,

Email: chairman@wealthywaste.com

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