Advantages of Recycling Plastic

Plastic Recycling
Advantages of Plastic Recycling

Published on 22/05/2011

First Update 17/03/2017

In today’s world, Waste Management including plastic recycling has become veryimportant for us. The ever growing amount of waste produced by households andindustries on a daily basis has dire consequences on our health as well as environment.Plastic is one such material that is widely used but as it is non biodegradable, decomposing it is very difficult. The landfills around the world are getting filled with alarge amount of plastic materials and products on a daily basis. One easy way throughwhich we can get rid of this problem is by recycling plastic.

Recycling is a very convenient process through which the useful part of an old productcan be converted into a whole new product. Recycling is not only used for plasticproducts but for various other items as well. Recycling helps in saving a lot of space inthe landfill as most of the used products are converted into new ones. There are variousdifferent versions of plastic available in the market, some can be recycled easily whileothers cannot be completely recycled, only several portions can be used during theprocess.

Advantages of Recycling Plastic

There are myriads of advantages of recycling plastic. Some of the most important onesare mentioned as under;

1. Conservation of energy resourcesRecycling is a very efficient process that helps in the conservation of energyresources. Various resources are used for making plastic from the virgin materialsthat is why converting the old products into new ones really helps in saving a hugeamount of energy. Recycling is a process that requires the least amount of resourcesand energy that is available.

2. Acquiring a lot of space saving in the landfillsWhen products are recycled they are not left to decompose in the landfills, thisprocess fairly helps in waste management by saving a large amount of space availablein the landfills. It is a known fact that plastic increases the amount of solid wastebecause it is usually very bulky and can really take up a lot of space. If you recycleone ton of plastic then you would help in saving around 7.4 cubic yards of space onan average.

3. Helps in reducing CO2 emissionsCO2 emissions are very harmful for our health as well as for the environment we livein. Plastic is generally made with the help of non-renewable fossil fuels that producea huge quantity of CO2 emissions. The fossil fuels that are used for manufacturingthe plastic products are the biggest source of CO2 emissions and they also create thegreen house effects. It is a very harmful pollutant that is creating various health aswell as environmental problems in big cities.

4. Key factor in saving oilVarious big powers of the world including United States of America spend a largeamount of money every year on the purchase of imported oil from the countries ofthe Middle East. People who recycle plastic really help in saving a large amount ofoil on a daily basis that is usually used in the process of making plastic bags andother items. The high demand of oil for the manufacturing process of plastic has alsocaused an increase in the prices of food, gas and other products.

5. Assisting in preserving animal and plant lifePlastic products are very dangerous for animals, birds and marine life. The plasticproducts that are dumped in the ocean every year tend to trap small sea animals andkill them. Land animals sometimes tend to eat plastic bags mixed with decomposedfood. Plastic can not be digested easily by animals, that is why it chokes them andeventually the animal suffers a very brutal death.

Well above stated are the myriads of advantages of recycling plastic. Recycling not onlyconserves energy resources but it also helps in decreasing pollution and curtailing wastemanagement problems.

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  1. Dear sir,

    Good day ! Glad to know you may deal with plastic scrap business.

    we have plastic processing factory in Vietnam,and need large quantity of HDPE milk bottles.
    If you have source,could you pls send us your available quantity and quotation ?
    Destination port is : Haiphong port in Vietnam. Hope to do long-term business with you .

    Thank you and looking forward to your early reply.

    Best regards

  2. Good Day, I am in a Oil Refinery and I hv developed a process and run in Pilot plant for converting waste plastic material into Petroleum Oil (MS, HSD, LPG. Naphtha).
    It is a wonderful solution to overcome environmental pollution problem and at the same time getting highly demanding useful products. No side pollution.

    interested parties may contact pl.

  3. Let us know what type of waste plastic you are using for above purpose eg. used milk packets, water bottles, carry bags, etc

  4. My wife and I have been trying to live a greener lifestyle and haven’t really known what steps to take and one of our neighbors had mentioned that we could look into petroleum recycling. I like that you had mentioned that when recycling it, it can aid in reducing CO2 emissions which could cut pollutions in the air. I might have to start looking for a company that can help handle the petroleum we recycle to help reduce how much CO2 we’re releasing.


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