Baya Weaver Bird (Ploceus philippinus) Bharatpur, Rajashthan


Baya Weaver Bird (Ploceus philippinus), Keoladeo or Bharatpur Bird Sanctuary in Bharatpur, Rajasthan

The Baya Weaver Bird, Ploceus phillippinus resembles a sparrow in size. It lives in flocks. The male acquires a bright yellow cap in the breeding season. In non breeding season both sexes are similar looking almost like a hen sparrow. It is the male alone that builds the nest. Males do not assist in incubating eggs. The female alone incubates. Each male may posses a number of nest and females at the same time.

Also see (An Instinct Denied), (Kya Banega Phir Se Gharaunda. A Hindi Version of “An Instinct Denied”) for a fuller film produced by Srimaa Communication which discusses the breeding activity of water birds and the failure of nesting because of scarcity of water. It has studied the painted storks, the open billed storks, the darters, cormorants, cranes, egrets and the baya weaver bird in their wetland surroundings at Keoladeo Ghana National Park.

©Srimaa Communication

Acknowledgements-Dr. Yashpal Singh, Mrs. Neena Singh, Mr. Rajesh Bedi, Manoj Kumar Yadav

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