Circulars issued by the MoEF on Environmental Clearance in 2008

Published on 29/05/2009

  1. Instructions for maintenance of transparency and streamlining of procedure for disposal of EC cases in IA division, Dated : 04-11-2008
  2. Clarification regarding applicability of EIA notification, 2006 in respect of the Beneficiation Plant, Dated : 22-09-2008
  3. Environmental Clearance of Projects under the EIA Notification,2006 – stipulation of condition to improve the living conditions of construction labour at site – Regarding , Dated : 22-09-2008
  4. Scrutiny by SPCBs of Draft EIA/EMP reports submitted by the project proponents for conducting of public hearing in terms of the provisions of the EIA Notification, 2006, Dated : 06-05-2008
  5. EIA Notification, 2006 – Consideration of Proposals of Construction Sector – Procedure – Regarding, Dated : 05-02-2008
  6. Applicability of EIA Notification, 2006 for Cases where Land has been Acquired before EIA Notification, 1994, Dated : 15-01-2008

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