Green ways to dispose electronic Waste- Excellent methods That You Can Use

Green Ways to Dispose Electronic Waste
Electronic Waste

Published on 01/06/2011

First Update 30/03/2017

Electronic waste also known as e-waste, electronic trash and waste electrical equipment are basically terms used for broken, outdated, discarded, surplus and useless electrical and electronic equipments. In developing countries the ever increasing amount of e-waste has created various health problems and environmental issues. Most of the electronic scarp tends to contain chemicals like lead, brominated flame, mercury, cadmium and beryllium. Unsafe procedures of decomposing the electronic waste materials can be very dangerous for human life. Heavy metals and products should never be directly deposited in landfills. It is very important to recycle or treat them before decomposing.

In this article, I would like to tell you about the most environment friendly ways through which you can dispose off your electronic waste materials.

1. Recycling

One great way of decomposing and disposing off the e-waste is by recycling it. However you need to follow some very strict standards while you are recycling the waste. The waste that is discarded by developed countries should never be exported to the developing nations. Products like cell phones and computers can be recycled in a very efficient manner. If you can not recycle the products on your own then it would be best for you to take them to organizations that will do the work for you in an efficient manner. This would help you in reusing the waste material without any problem. Make sure that you follow safe methods while you are treating electronic materials because they can sometimes be very dangerous.

2. Donation

If your cell phone or computer is no longer useful for you then you can also donate them to organizations or people who might use them for some productive work. You can donate the gadgets to children’s home or special organizations where they can use the electronic waste for education and other fruitful purposes. There are some computer and electronic exchange companies where you can donate your equipments from where they are usually passed on to charitable institutions.

3. Taking it back programs

There are various retailers and electronic shop owners who would take back your equipment at very cheap rates. If the electronic gadget is completely useless for you then you can simply sell it off to a take it back retailer. Special laws have also been passed in various countries all around the world which allow electronic manufacturers to take back the equipments and reuse or recycle them. You will find a list of manufacturers who would take back your products on the internet offering you a fair exchange cost.

4. Creating something new out of the old equipment

Instead of going to the market and purchasing every new gadget that is launched, you can just try to create something new and unique out of your old equipments. This is a very fun filled way through which you can utilize your old equipments without having to decompose them. For your help, you can also look for some brilliant ideas on the internet. You can turn an old computer into a music jukebox or you can even convert your I-Pod into a hard drive.

5. Re-use

Re-using the same old accessory for different purposes is another excellent way of handling electronic waste material. You must never throw, burn or decompose your electronic equipment. Try to reuse them as far as possible. Some gadgets like computers, music players, DVD players and others can be reused for different things. There are various options that you can use in order to utilize your accessories.

6. Look for disposal programs

If you want to dispose off your e-waste then you must contact a professional electronic retailer who would tell you about different disposal programs that you can use. You can also call up the private waste management authority of your city. They would certainly be able to help you in disposing off the electrical waste in more environmental friendly manner.

These are some brilliant ways through which you can dispose electronic Waste in an efficient way.


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