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Published on 01/06/2011

First Update 27/03/2017

Success stories-Material exchange

At a small coastal Industrial zone Kalundborg near Copenhagan an exemplary material exchange is being practiced. The exchange involves a 1500M.W. Power plant,(Asuaes Power Station),a 3.2 million metric tones capacity oil refinery,(Stat Oil),a 14 million square meters of Gypsum Board manufacturing unit,(Gyproc),an Intermational Biotechnology company with a sales in excess of $2 Billion and the city of Kalundborg which supplies residential heat and hot water to the residents.
The Power plant supplies waste steam to the refinery and in turn gets refinery gas which substitutes some of the coal. Excess steam is also supplied to the Biotechnology Company, (Novo Nosdisk) and the city of Kalundborg for heating. This replaces almost 3500 individual furnaces which otherwise are a source of high air pollution. Desulphurization at the Power plant also produces Gypsum which meets1/3rd of the need of Gypsum in the Board manufacturing unit. Sludge from the Biotechnology Company is used as fertilizer on nearby farms and surplus yeast from its Insulin plant is sold to farmers as pig food.

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