Nilgai or Blue Bull (Boselaphus tragocamelus)


Nilgai or Blue Bull (Boselaphus tragocamelus)

Nilgai or Blue Bull (Boselaphus tragocamelus) the largest Antelope species in Asia is native to India, Nepal and Pakistan. It is found in the Indian peninsula from the base of the Himalayas to parts of south India. The southern most extent of distribution lies near Bengaluru. Adjacent to India. It is found in the fringe areas of West Pakistan, West Bangla Desh and South Nepal. The Indian Population is about 100000 animals. They were also released into southern Texas during 1924-1949 and with almost 37000 individuals are a successful species there.

These calves at the Keoladeo Ghana National Park (The Bharatpur Bird Sanctuary), Rajasthan, India are a group of young individuals, one male (two horned) and two females. They usually live in groups of 4 to 10. Females with young calves remain together in small groups. When males mature they join all male herds or remain solitary. Young Cows and Young Bulls are yellowish brown. Adult males have a coarse grey coat, and a distinctive tuft of stiff black hair on the throat. The bull has stout cone like horns. Nilgai males can sprint at very high speeds in difficult terrain. They have a habit of depositing their dropping at the same place which helps them aggregate socially. The young are produced in all seasons. The period of gestation is 09 months. The Nilgai avoid dense trees. They may raid crops but being generally regarded as a near relative of the cow are seldom killed. The IUCN puts its under the category of species with least concern.

Also seen in frame is an aggregation of Cattle Egrets (Bubulcus ibis) at the onset of the Breeding season. Both sexes are a like. Breeding Birds acquire a distinct yellowish brown plumage during the breeding season.

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Acknowledgements-Dr. Yashpal Singh, Mrs. Neena Singh, Mr. Rajesh Bedi, Manoj Kumar Yadav

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