The Fifth Course of the Wealthy Waste School India. Consultants and Corporates

The Fifth Course of the Wealthy Waste School India. Consultants and Corporates

Course: Training Program On Environmental Management For Consultants And Corporates

Date: 23rd to 26th of November, 2019

Venue: The Tiger Den Resort, Village Tala, Bandhavgarh National Park, Madhya Pradesh, India.


Ist Day (23-11-2019) Expert Faculty Time
Registration and check in   12.30 – 13.00
Lunch   13.00 – 13.45
Inaugural   13.45 – 13.55
1.Pollution Control Laws and Procedures 2.Environment Protection Act and Rules Dr. Yashpal Singh 13.55 – 14.30
             Tea   14.30 – 14.45
1. The EIA notification of 2006 and amendments. Current   Provisions 2. Public Interest Litigation, the NGT and Case Studies. Dr. Yashpal Singh 14.45-15.30
1. Ground Water Regulatory requirements. Acts, Rules and Guidelines. Mr. Durjoy Chakraborty 15.30-16.15
1. State of MSW disposal in India. 2. Storage, Handling and safe disposal of MSW. Dr.  H C Sharatchandra 16.15-17.00
1. Recycle, reuse landfill design etc. 2. Handling Industrial Solid Waste. Dr.  H C Sharatchandra 17.00-17.45
2nd Day (24-11-2019)  
1. The Environmental Impacts of Hazardous and other wastes. 2. State of HW disposal in India. Mr. N. K. Verma 9.00-9.45
1. Fundamentals of Plant and Animal Taxonomy, Ecology and Biodiversity 2. Community and ecosystem Ecology. Community dynamics Dr. Avinash Jain 9.45-10.30
 Carbon sequestration and economic valuation of green cover. Dr. Avinash Jain 10.30-11.15
Tea   11.15-11.30
Environmental Compensation and Damage assessment Dr. Yashpal Singh 11.30 – 12.15
1.On issues faced by Nabet Consultants Dr. Ratikanta Mohanty 12.15-13.00
1. Wetlands and Conservation 2. The Biodiversity Conservation Act, Forest Act, Wildlife Act. 3. Protected Area, Eco-sensitive Zones.   Dr.  H C Sharatchandra 13.00– 14.00
Lunch   14.00-14.45
Ecological Investigations.  Density, abundance, frequency, Diversity. Tools and Procedures. Dr. Avinash Jain 14.45-15.30
Field Exercise on above Dr. Avinash Jain 15.30- 16.15
Tea   16.15-16.30
1. Storage, Handling and safe disposal of Hazardous and other Solid Wastes. 2. Design, operation and maintenance of TSDF for Hazardous and other wastes. Mr. N. K. Verma 16.30-17.45
Cocktails and Dinner.   19.00-21.00
3rd Day (25-11-2019)
Excursion   6.00-11.00     (As per forest Schedule)
1. Contaminated sites, remediation methodologies. 2. Design, operation and maintenance of TSDF for Hazardous and other wastes. Mr. N. K. Verma 12.45-13.30
Continued from above Mr. N. K. Verma 13.30-14.15
Lunch   14.15 – 15.00
Air Quality and stack monitoring. Procedures and Methodology Mr. S. K. Gupta Envirotech 15.00 – 15.45
Tea   15.45-16.00
Air Quality Modeling and Interpretation of results. Dr. Ratikanta Mohanty 16.00-16.45
Analysis of Surface hydrological data, estimation of flows, interpretation of gauging results, Ground Water table measurements, Ground water recharge calculation, flow rate and direction, Ground Water contour mapping   Mr. Durjoy Chakraborty 16.45-17.30
Analysis and description of aquifer characteristics, impact analysis of withdrawal, water budget Water security plan and Hydrogeology report preparation Mr. Durjoy Chakraborty 17.30-18.15
4th Day  (26-11-2019)    
Design, Operation and Maintenance of E.T.P.’s Trouble shooting for effective EMP. Dr. Yashpal Singh 09.15 – 10.00
Air Pollution and Plant Life. Dr. Yashpal Singh 10.00-10.45
Tea   10.45-11.00
Water Quality. Quantitative prediction of impacts Dr. Yashpal Singh 11.00-11.45
Suggestions for QCI/ Ministry  Panel Dr. Ratikanta Mohanty, Mrs. Nandini Chowdhury, Mr. Akash Kumar, Mr. Suman Bannerjee, Mr. Anand Dube. 11.45-12.45
Valedictory   12.45-13.00
Lunch and Dispersal   13.00-14.00

The Expert Faculty:

1. Dr. Sharat Chandra

Member Expert Appraisal Committee, MoEF&CC, Govt. of India

Former Chairman, Karnataka State Pollution Control Board  

2. Mr. Avinash Jain

Scientist-F and Head, Forest Ecology & Climate Change Division, Tropical Forest Research Institute, Jabalpur

3. Mr. Ratikanta Mohanty

Managing Director, ARDRA Consulting Services Pvt. Ltd. Bhubaneswar, Orissa

Formerly Specialist, EPA , USA

4. Dr. Durjoy Chakraborti

Scientist D, Central Ground Water Board, Delhi.

5. Dr. N. K. Verma

Former Director, Central Pollution Control Board

Member, Expert Appraisal Committee, MoEF & CC, GOI

6. Dr. Yashpal Singh

Chairman, The Wealthy Waste School

Consulting Practitioner-The National Green Tribunal

Member, Expert Appraisal Committee, MoEF & CC, GOI

Expert Assessor, QCI, NABET

Former Director, Environment, Govt. of UP

Former Member, U.P. Pollution Control Board

Former Member Secretary, State Level Expert Appraisal Committee, Govt. of UP

Participant Details :

S. No. Name, Designation and Name of Industry/Organization
1 Ms. Harshita Yadav,
Assistant Manager JM EnviroNet Pvt. Ltd.
2 Mr. Ravi Shanker Sharma  Manager JM EnviroNet Pvt. Ltd.
3 Mr. Santosh Pant Director Perfact Enviro Solutiosn Pvt. Ltd.
4 Mr. Kalidas Choudhury Executive Director   Greencindia Consulting Pvt. Ltd.
5 Mr. Rahul Singh  Director Greencindia Consulting Pvt. Ltd.
6 Mr. Gorumuchu  Venkata Raghava Rao Manager (ENV) Vimta Labs Limited
7 Mr. S. K. Sachan Managing Director EcotechGreen Associates Pvt. Ltd.
8 Mr. Suman Banerjee Managing Partner Ind Tech House Consult
9 Mr. Anand Kumar Dubey Partner Ind Tech House Consult
10 Mr. Ratikanta Mohanty Managing Director                    Ardra Consulting Services (P) Ltd.
11 Dr. Ashwani Karwariya Sr. Manager – Sustainable Development RCCPL Private Limited
12 Dr. Chakresh Pathak Asst. Manager  India Glycols Limited
13 Dr. Ashutosh Gautam (A) Vice President India Glycols Limited  
14 Dr. Yati Kachhawa Vice President Gaurang Environmental Solutions P Ltd
15 Dr. Shashank Shekhar Mishra (A) Director Eco Consultant Services
16 Mrs. Ritu Garg Dy. C.E.O. Environmental and Technical Research Center -ETRC,
17 Mr. Jyotirmoy Mukherjee DLF
18 Representative from Grass Roots Research & Creation India (P) Ltd. (A)

Feed Back Form (3 absentees):

Course Content 14A, 1B, No Entry
Course Delivery 13A, 2B, No Entry
Utility of Course 14A, 1B, No Entry
Hospitality 15A, No Entry
Timing (Dates) of Training 15A, No Entry

Excellent – A grade,   Good – B grade, Satisfactory – C grade

Note: In case of C grade give reason.

  • Comprehensive and useful for Reporting and field survey –Rahul Singh, Driector
  • Highly Useful & great learning & exposure –Harshita Yadav, Asst. Manager
  • I am very grateful attend this training programme and I want to say thanks Dr. Yashpal Singh (Chairman of WWS India) and my company (J.M. Environet Pvt. Ltd.) which give me such a platform where, I learn many things in Environment field and develop my management skill –Ravi Shanker Sharma, Manager

Photos of the Course:

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