Biomedical Waste

Published on 20/05/2011

Pune’s doctor couple Nirmala and Hamir Ganla are safely recycling the waste generated from their 12-bed maternity home.They used the aerobic process to convert all bio-medical waste from their hospital–sanitary napkins, placentae, blood-soaked dressings–into manure which was as benign as ordinary soil and no pathogens were detected.

Experimenting for safety,  samples of treated hospital waste and garden soil were injected with HIV-positive and Hepatitis B-positive blood and some salmonella cultures. The results revealed no trace of virus from the treated samples.

Over the years, 400 kg of manure has been taken from the from the clinic to the 22-acre farm where they grow over 15,000 fruit trees, mostly chickoo and mango.  Chemical fertilisers and insecticides would have cost around Rs 20,000 a year. Considerable savings indeed, and from a most unlikely source.

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