Kitchen Wastes

Published on 19/05/2011

Retired Mumbai industrialist R.T. Doshi  uses the organic waste from his kitchen as soil and harvests about 5 kg of vegetables and fruits every day, enough for his family of 10.

The science he uses is very simple. The top and bottom of a drum are cut off, then 12 holes of 8-10 cm diameter are cut into the body at varying heights. It is then filled with sugarcane bagasse to a height of 5 cm. Kitchen waste is dumped into the drum every day, till the pile reaches the first hole. At this point, a sapling or seed is placed in the hole.The process is continued till the drum is full. The plants grow out of the holes. It involves minimal labour and time, and needs watering only twice a week.

“City farming works wonders for the budget. I save Rs 18,000 a year on vegetables,” he says. Over 100 Mumbai families have emulated his example.

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