E-Waste Handling Rules

Published on 08/06/2011

E-waste Handling Rules Summary

There are lots of countries which are facing the problem related to handling the e-waste. E-waste usually consists of substances which can bring adverse effects to the atmosphere and hence managing it in a proper way is important. Apart from affecting the environment it can also affect the health of the people. But the main issue is the right utilization of the e-waste and how it can be stored and recycled. Most of the countries do not have proper infrastructure that can help them to manage the e-waste activities. Usually they bury the waste or burn it in open air. Sometimes the waste is led in to waste which can cause water pollution. Hence these are the reasons which affect give us the need to understand the management for better environment.

While there are few developed countries which use efficient ways of recycling that are very useful. There is no harm to nature and people can enjoy the fruits of happiness. The developed nations go for latest technologies which render the best services. But on the other hand the undeveloped countries lack the funds and the technology platforms which can bring a difference to the use of e-waste.

The concept of EPR comes into action as it proves beneficial in the long run. Right usage of the e-waste will prove useful as it demanding and the need of the hour. Even the government has tried to take different measures which are long lasting and provide an excellent approach towards e-waste.  The implementation of the latest technology is very important or else the results will not be according to the input. The EPR which is used in the process will prove effective if the right direction is chosen.

The developing countries have some key issues regarding the e-waste which must be kept in mind. The effective management will definitely give the best results for which you are waiting.

Objectives of e-waste handling

E Waste handling RulesIn order to deal with the problem of e-waste the government formulated some rules that could be effective. These rules were designed with an aim and therefore many things together combine to form an excellent management strategy.

The objectives of the various strategies of e-waste are given below:-

  1. Effective management is important for the reason that it can bring a positive effect on nature. If the e-waste is not handled in the right manner there are chances that it can cause ill effects on health. The handling of e-waste has to be best and therefore it is essential that each and every step is followed one by one to attain superb outcomes.
  2. For the strategy there should be a proper planning. Either the organizations can come forward for the help or even the government can devise some rules for this purpose. There are many strategies which can work but recycling is one of the best one that is followed by many countries as well developed nations. There is less cost involved in this process and beneficial at the same time. Disposal is another option which can be tried to get the right result.
  3. National Environment Act was formed in the year 2006 which devised new methodologies for e-waste handling. As it is a common issue going in many countries hence policies are designed to meet the current needs in the best manner. Emphasis is laid on using the clean technologies as it will make the atmosphere clean and a place to live in.

Proposed Actions

1. Reporting

Every year many industries are set up and the ways of generating the products are improving. Thus a large e-waste is generated which can be harmful. Thus it becomes the duty of the industries to submit a report of the e-waste generated by their industry so that adequate steps can be taken to combat with the problem. Even if they collect the waste the time period should not exceed by 90 days at the maximum.

2. Avoid waste and minimize the sources

Most of the industries generate e-waste and leave it either in waste or by burning it. It is not the right thing as you are polluting air as well as water. The air we breathe in contains harmful gases which are injurious to health. Similarly with water too you can become prone to a number of diseases.

There is a proper hierarchy which is followed in the management system by introducing each level at the right time.

3. Reuse and recycling of the e-waste

There are lots of ways which can be used for recycling but the suitable one is important. Waste exchange centers can be designed where waste can be collected and then proper utilization can be done afterwards.

Proper channels can be planned by which the e-waste can reach to its place. This will not affect the environment and the pollution will be lowered. Even water can be recycled in a number of ways as it has also become a source of problem.

4. Treating the e-waste and improving storage options

There are only 12 states which are initially having the best storage facilities for e-waste. This includes the 25 centers which are managing the activities according to the needs. Storage place is important or else the industries will dump the waste at wrong places. Thus it becomes essential to set up areas for this purpose.

Though it is difficult to decide the site for such things hence the government can render their help to the organizations which are involved in this work.

Escrow fund facility is adopted which is a new platform for the government. It helps in monitoring the problems and finding the solution for it. Even in case of calamities the funds can be utilized to deal with the problem and getting over it as soon as possible.

The central government is taking measures in dealing with e-waste handling and trying to formulate rules for it. Many acts are being proposed along with the changes that can better the rising graph of e-waste mismanagement.


Thus this was a complete review about the e-waste handling management and what objectives have to be achieved in its concern.







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