“Papa, Haathi”

Published on 04/06/2011

First Update 17/03/2017

I still remember these words in the vivid recollection of my childhood memories. I then remember me and my brother and sisters running outdoors to have a glimpse of that magnificent creature that strolls with a gait symbolic of sheer regality – slow, steady and firm, the mahout and him enjoying a relationship, the sensitivity of which I had to realise in later days to come. “Papa, Haathi ,” my children also beckoned me at the sight of that majestic pachyderm and even today I can spend hours watching the activities of the animal. I am sure that “Papa, Haathi” would be an immensely interesting exclamation which our future generations would be able to enjoy with as much pleasure as I got in calling my father to have a glimpse of the ELEPHANT.

Dr.Yashpal Singh

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