The Second Course of the Wealthy Waste School India. Rampur Distillery

Course: Training Program On Environmental Management For Officers Of Radico Khaitan Limited, Rampur Distillery.

Date: 27th of July, 2018

Venue: Radico Khaitan Limited, Rampur Distillery, Bareilly Road, Rampur, U.P.

Course Contents:

Why Environment

This would include a brief introduction to Environmental concerns and solutions and how our actions make an impact on the Environment.   The importance of sustainable development to our welfare and the impacts that seemingly innocuous development projects may have on ecology and environment shall be discussed.  The session would also discuss about the relationship between Distilleries and the Pollution Control Boards over the past years.

Pollution Control Laws and Procedures

This session would introduce the Water( Prevention and Control of Pollution ) Act 1974, The Air( Prevention and Control of Pollution)  Act 1981 , the erstwhile Water Cess Act and also discuss the duties ,responsibilities and punitive provisions.

Environmental Protection and the Public Liability Insurance Acts

This session would discuss the E.P.Act 1986 and rules including the rules for managing Hazardous Wastes, Hazardous Chemicals, Plastic Wastes, E-Wastes, Solid Wastes, Biomedical Wastes etc. along with duties and responsibilities. It would also discuss the Public Liability Insurance Act.

The EIA  Notification 2006, EIA and the Environmental Clearance procedures

This section would discusses the Environmental clearance process, the structure of an EIA and the criticality of ensuring compliance.

Environmental Audit and Environmental performance rating

This will bring across the advantages of prudent resource management and the savings that would arise as a result of optimizing resource consumption.

Distillery Waste water management including water conservation practices

This session will sensitise the participants to the various aspects of Distillery Waste water management in its Historical Perspective. It will discuss the various technology options including ZLD and use of effluents in Agriculture and water conservation initiatives. It will also attempt to showcase some good environmental practices in waste reduction and management.

Public Interest Litigation and the National Green Tribunal.

This would discuss the NGT Act and some important cases including the Ganga Matter and its implications for distilleries.

Central Ground Water Authority and Clearances.

This will discuss the guidelines of the Central Ground Water Authority on Water Resource Management,   Water harvesting and recharging options and procedures for ground water clearances.

Forest and Wild life Clearances

Detailed discussion on Forest and Wild Life Laws and clearance procedures

CSR and Sustainability reporting

This will discuss the Company’s Act 2013, the provisions of Corporate Social Responsibility and Sustainability reporting. It will also introduce Corporate Environmental Responsibility and its implications.

Operation and Maintenance of Effluent treatment plants

Operation and maintenance of Air Pollution Control Systems.

The Expert Faculty:

1. Dr. B. Sen Gupta

Former Member Secretary, Central Pollution Control Board

Former Member, Expert Appraisal Committee, MoEF & CC, GOI

Member, Accreditation Committee, QCI, NABET

2. Dr. Yashpal Singh

Chairman, The Wealthy Waste School

Consulting Practitioner-The National Green Tribunal

Member, Expert Appraisal Committee, MoEF & CC, GOI

Expert Assessor, QCI, NABET

Former Director, Environment, Govt. of UP

Former Member, U.P. Pollution Control Board

Former Member Secretary, State Level Expert Appraisal Committee, Govt. of UP

Participant Details :

Twenty Officers Of Radico Khaitan Limited, Rampur Distillery.

Photos of the Course:

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