Hospital Waste management Techniques – a Step By Step Guide for You

Typical Hospital Waste

Published on 31/05/2011

Hospital waste is very different from the ordinary waste that is produced in our homes on a daily basis that is why we need to adopt certain different methods for disposing off the hospital waste materials. Various complex substances are involved when it comes to the hospital waste. Hospitals are usually very big organizations that involve a lot of different departments. Medical care is provided to the patients in every department and during this process a lot of different materials are used which are disposed off as hospital waste.

In order to manage the waste in the most efficient manner, every hospital should operate a special program, so that the waste gets disposed off without harming the health of the patients or the people who are working in the hospital. In this article, my main focus would be to provide you some critical information and special techniques for an efficient hospital waste management system.

1. Categorisation of hospital waste

The hospital waste is divided into various different categories according to which they are disposed off. Some of the different hospital waste materials are mentioned below.

  • General waste basically consists of various waste materials that are also used in households all around the world. They are not at all hazardous for the human beings.
  • Infectious waste has pathogens that can cause various diseases. It is very important to treat the infectious waste properly before deposing it off.
  • Radioactive waste contains liquid and solid waste that is contaminated by radionucleides that are basically formed by the in-vitro breakdown of various body tissues and cells. This type of waste is extremely harmful for the human health.
  • Pharmaceutical waste usually contains waste from drugs or medicines which have been contaminated or are no longer in use.

2. Division of the waste

Before the hospital waste is decomposed it is extremely important to treat it with certain chemicals. Different categories of waste materials are divided into diverse sections so that they can be treated accordingly. It is a very important step that should be carried out at the place where the waste is generated. This activity should be carried out at diagnostic services areas, labour rooms, operations theatres, activity areas. Hygiene should be maintained at all time while treating the waste materials.

3. Transportation of waste

Once the waste is divided into the various different categories the next category involves the transportation of the waste matter from the place of origin to the place of decomposition. Bio-medical waste that is obtained from the hospitals should be treated separately and should never be mixed with the general waste. This reduces the chances of any disease.

4. Treatment of the hospital waste

The first step involves disinfecting the waste matter so that it no longer remains harmful for the human health. After disinfecting the waste the volume of waste should be reduced with the help of an efficient trash compactor. The waste matter should also be made unrecognizable so that it can be decomposed without any difficulty. The waste that can be recycled should be treated for further use.

5. Safety measures

Certain important safety measures should always be adopted while treating the waste. Waste which is of infectious nature can be very harmful for the environment and human health that is why measures would be taken for the prevention of any type of disease. Written instructions should be provided to all the people who are handling the hospital waste at the different stages of disposal. The management should be very careful and strict guidelines should be followed at all times without any fail. Awards would also be provided to people who complete the task in the most efficient manner.

So above are some of the most recommended steps to get rid of hospital waste in a healthier manner. I am sure this article would certainly provide you all the information that you require about hospital waste management techniques.

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  1. The Group will, whenever possible, update its practices in light of technological advances in environmental science.
    However, a number of cities in the US are also fighting back.
    However, use and consumption are one thing, the accumulation of the non-biodegradable waste in landfills is another.

  2. This is great. I will like to suggest that the various methods or processes that could be used in treating the waste should be provided. Thanks.

  3. Thanks for your help because it is very important for me. This helps me to complete my project. Once again thank you so much for your help!!!!!


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