Plastic Recycling Techniques

Published on 31/05/2011

Plastic is basically made of virgin materials and that is why it is very difficult to decompose. Even when it is disposed off in the landfills, plastic materials do not get decomposed and that is why plastic is considered to be a substance that is very harmful for humans as well as animals. There are various disadvantages of using plastic bags and plastic bottles that is why these days most people are considering recycling the plastic materials in order to save the precious natural resources that are wasted when new materials are created.

Plastic recycling is a very beneficial technique not only for the humans but also for the natural stability of the earth. Recycling this material is very easy and the process can easily be carried out at home. So now let us discuss some efficient techniques of recycling the plastic products.

1. Dividing the plastic products

There are various different categories of the plastic materials therefore before you carry out the recycling process it is very important for you to divide them in different categories so that the procedure becomes easier for you. Once you have divided the materials and categorized them accordingly it would give you a better idea about the waste that should be decomposed and the ones that can be re-used for other purposes in your home.

2. Mechanical recycling

Mechanical recycling of the plastic products is a very efficient way through which you can recycle the products without any trouble. This method is gaining rapid popularity and most people use it for recycling their household plastic waste materials. This process involves the melting of plastic after which it is shredded and granulation is done for completing the process. Various trained personnel are employed for sorting out the different plastic matter in order to make the procedure easier. A variety of special high technology techniques are also being used these days with the help of which plastic can be sorted out in different categories. Some of the most frequently used techniques and methods are infrared spectroscopy, electrostatics, fluorescence and the X-ray process.

3. Chemical recycling

This is another very efficient way of recycling the plastic products. This method is generally used for disposing off the waste materials that are in bulk. This method is a little different from the mechanical recycling process. The chemical technique involves breaking down of the polymers of the plastic in constituent monomers which can be further used in factories and big industries for the production of certain chemicals and petrochemical. More chemical recycling methods are being explored so that more and more plastic products can be recycled without any difficulties. It is capital incentive process that really requires a large quantity of plastic to be processed.

4. Cleaning the plastic products

Cleaning and removing the dirt from the plastic products is another very efficient way through which you can make the plastic reusable. While you are carrying out this task, you must make sure that each and every product that has to be recycled is cleaned in the most efficient manner otherwise the recycling process would not be completed properly. Ensure that you have removed every contaminant that might be left on the surface.

5. Squeeze the plastic products carefully

Before the plastic products are taken to the recycling station they would be properly squeezed and squashed so that any material that is left behind in the bottles or the back can come out. This process also helps in compressing the plastic materials and compressed products are very easy to recycle than the normal ones.

So, if you also want to recycle plastic, above stated are some highly efficient and useful techniques that you must follow in order to get the desired results.

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